Our Staff

DanielHead of restoration area
Hello, my name is Daniel, I'm from Piura, Peru. I’ve been working for 10 years as head of restoration area, I recommend Hotel Libertador because of its personalized service, each client becomes a friend of us, that’s why it’s our duty to return you home satisfied. If you visit us with your family, I think you must go to the zoo and see the giraffe; your children will love this experience
Hi! I'm Marco and I'm from Manabí, but I've been working in Loja for 14 years. I really like our work group, we always work together in order to give you the perfect stay. We always have in mind that we have to serve you since the moment you make your booking, so, we emphasize in every little aspect of our hotel in order to give you a perfect service
Hello, my name is Angel Requelme and I will gladly help you on the front desk. I like the service we provide because we try to fulfill every one of your needs; I would recommend you to use our hot bathtub, pool, sauna and our buffet breakfast. I enjoy working here because everyone in our team is committed to give you an enjoyable stay. In Loja, I would recommend you visiting Vilcabamba, also known as “Longevity Valley”, its weather is warm all year long. Also you can visit the wind farm and the city gate. It will be a pleasure to guide you and help you with helpful information.
I’m Libio, I work at Hotel Libertador for 26 years, I would recommend you to visit us and be part of our new environments. In Loja, I’d recommend you to visit our churches, specially our Cathedral and Santo Domingo, which represent the best of our architecture. If you have some spare time you should enjoy our mountain climate, Zamora rainforest or the lovely heat of Catamayo valley
Hi! My name is Nubia, I’m 46 and I’ve been working at Hotel Libertador for 8 years, I’m part of the housemaids team in our hotel, we’ll give you our best work and dedication. I love Loja because of its accessibility, everything is close and you can visit our tourist spots walking short distances, with a lovely weather all year long. I’ll recommend you visiting El Cisne Sanctuary and its Museum.
PolivioChief of manteinance
I’m Polivio. I’m the chief of manteinance in Hotel Libertador, if anything is broken I’ll gladly fix it as soon as possible. For me, the main benefits of our hotel is the garage and its location. If you have some free time you can visit Zamora, Vilcabamba, Catamayo or Malacatos.