Corporate Social Responsability

Hotel Libertador has developed several Corporate Social Responsibility programs as a commitment to our society, that implies a model management responsible and ethical in the execution of our business operations and relations with our public, with the aim of contribute to society progress, just and equitable:

  • Support artisans of the city.
  • Sponsors "Loja Sobre Tablas".
  • Support SOLCA Loja
  • Support Sportivo Loja
  • Support Theater Company "Hijos de Shakespeare"

We are committed to environmental conservation, so we have introduced sustainable elements, such as solar panels for water heating in order to use clean energy instead of gas. Also, we have motion detector sensors in every aisle, so we can save electric energy.

All the waste produced by our Hotel is classified and organized, according to the city leading standards in ecological waste disposal. Everything we do is with help from society, employees and customers that allow us to ensure success in every one of our projects.