About Loja

It offers a variety of tourist, cultural and natural attractions

To Loja arriving from different cities of Ecuador. By air you can reach the city on commercial flights from the cities of Quito and Guayaquil. By land it is connected to all cities and northern Peru, either by private means or through the ground transportation service.

The distances that separate it from the major cities are:

  • 647 Km Loja - Quito
  • 415 Km Loja - Guayaquil
  • 205 Km Loja - Cuenca
  • 235 Km Loja - Machala
  • 38 Km Loja - Vilcabamba
  • 71 Km Loja - El Cisne
  • 43 Km Loja - Zamora
  • 324 Km Loja - Piura

TAME airline provide the service, must land at the "Ciudad de Catamayo" Catamayo airport, located 42 kilometers away from Loja.

Libertador Recommendations


San Francisco, Central Park, Loja's Catedral Church, Casa de la Cultura Museum, Reina del Cisne Marketplace

Do not go without knowing

El Cisne Sanctuary, Vilcabamba, Podocarpus National Park, Birth of Guayacanes (Mangahurco), City Gate, Eolic Park Villonaco

Do not go without tasting

Bocadillos, Roscones, Quesadillas, Cecina (main dish), Repe (soup), Arverja con guineo (soup), Tamales, Humitas

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